About me


I’m Marlies Rönnebarth, 59 years old and living in my adopted home Algarve, Portugal for the last 26 years. During this time I have raised three sons and discovered my passion for natural healing.

As luck would have it, 15 years ago I met Dr. Helmut Lehmann. An excellent German doctor who practices classical homeopathy for decades. He passed his knowledge on to me for years and I was able to assist in his clinic.

After my children were grown, I began studying the great German Naturopaths course (großer deutscher Heilpraktiker), which I completed successfully.

After that, I wanted to find a second therapy form that can be easily combined with classical homeopathy. I began training for acupuncture (ear acupuncture) at the Association of the German medical practitioners in Germany.

Depending on the case of the patient I combine the applications of the various methods. Have a look at my treatment areas or contact me.